DVD in Clear Flex Pak

100 DVDs in Flex Pak


4 color on disc w/ White flood, in a
Clear Plastic sleeve with
4 Color single sided insert,
assembled ...


Only $ 1.49 each!

DVD Replication


100 DVDs
in Cardboard Sleeves

4 color on disc w/ White flood, in a 4 color two panel sleeve, assembled and tabbed...


Only $ 2.25 each!


100 DVD's
in Amaray Style boxes

4 color printing (non- water shield)
with white flood on disc.
4/0 wrap

Fully packaged in amaray style cases.


$ 1.75 each


1000 Retail Ready DVD-5s
in Amaray Style boxes


Includes glass mastering, and 4 color printing
with white flood on disc.
4/0 wrap

Fully packaged in amaray style cases,
with overwrap


Only $ .80 each!


National Releases Manufactured by IMC Optical:High Quality Packaging


Get the Same High Quality, as Large National Releases, on small run Productions.

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We will beat any price on a comparable product !
"Best Pricing" is just part of our everyday services at IMC.


Whether you need 10 or 1,000,000 copies of your media, you need the expertise of IMCOptical, International Media Corporation.


We take great pride in the quality of our workmanship. We are setup with cutting edge technology and the talent to deliver. We also have a top notch team, for your authoring, graphics, and packaging design needs.


Our attention to detail and quality control is what makes repeat customers of our clientele.

Bottom line ... You get the best price, customer service and quality that really stands out from the rest.




Zero FeesNEW! ...

All Disc duplication printing includes
Glossy finish at no extra charge


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